Carrie & Sherri

Me and My Sister

We have always been a little artsy my sister and I, but then so is most of our family. Funny how it always works out that way. Grandparents were oil painters, Aunty P makes the most beautiful quilts (seemingly overnight), embroidery and everything else I can think of. Mum sews, knits, needlework, patchworks and now websites. Dad even had a go at needlework and did a great job too! Although his true craft is bookwork. His desk and filing cabinets would take your breath away. We have dabbled in just about everything except I can’t knit to save myself! But as our respective families grew we had less time to devote to ourselves. Too many little fingers getting into bead boxes and embroidery cottons. I have lost many a tape measure to busy little hands with scissors.

My eldest niece Freckle (Rebekah), was really hard on her dolls so it kind of became my self-appointed task of regularly cleaning them up. One doll in particular had really shocking hair. All matted up and pretty much a lost cause but I was sure there was a way to get her hair back to its original glossy locks. So I scoured the internet and came across several sites that opened up a whole new world to me. The world of Ooak Dolls or One-Of-A-Kind Dolls. I had all the stuff to get started, cupboards full of hoarded paints and fabrics and bit n pieces. I took this sad little doll and she became the first. I was hooked. One little old desk in the corner of our family room turned into 4 large desks in the back room, “The Doll Room” the kids called it. Out of bounds for the youngest members of the family. That was about 9 years ago now.

Customizing dolls is a wonderful combination of art and fantasy, something else I have always enjoyed. There’s not just the dolls to create but there is also the photography, a whole stack of web design and the final presentation as well. My sister has her own ideas to offer. The biggest is her chainmaille. It’s incredible what she can do on an ironing board being constantly interrupted by her three kids. Her work is so small and detailed. Being the perfectionist all her work is of authentic chainmaille construction. Many of her designs are made of quite literally thousands of tiny rings that she makes herself. I couldn’t do it, go nuts. She was writing original stories to go with each of the little characters created but as the family grew, her available time shrank but it is something I’m hoping she will get back into again.

I love thinking up a new little life to create. I imagine what her character would be like, her temperament. What her little world would be and how she fits into it. What would she do? Would she hold or carry anything. Would she need large wings or would she flitter around with dainty little ones. The Sentinels and Darshee are way fun to design. Really let our creative hair down. Let out our inner Lara Croft femme fatales if ya know what I mean!

So please enjoy your visit to our site and thank you for dropping by!

Carrie Lavender