For Titch a pouch of superfine glamour dust, for Oiyen a spell of tolerance for her sister Leandra, for Gordana 'Kell's book of Castle Warfare'. Noelle ticked off the items on her list with the tip of her staff and watched the spidery words disappear. Only two wishes left to fill. Top of the list was Fe'arn's frock of morning dewdrops, and Noelle knew just the Fae to ask for such finery. Her polite knock on the knot of a proud old holly tree brought forth a tinkling chorus of bells.
"Come in, come in!" a muffled voice called cheerfully.
Noelle found Holly amid a mountain of glittering packages, fine fingers twisting an elaborate bow and a rainbow of ribbons streaming from between her teeth.
"Noelle!" Holly beamed.
"I wazz juzz sinking of you," she mumbled through silk.
Noelle smiled, plucking a length of ribbon from Holly's delicate pointed ear. "Almost finished?" she asked her cousin.
"Of courssh, itsh," Holly dropped the bow to pull the silks from her mouth.
"It is Christmas tomorrow is it not?" she grinned. "You know me, I hate to leave it to the last minute."
Noelle's heart warmed, her cousin had that effect on most Fae.
"Excellent. I would hate to have thrown out your schedule with my request."
"Request?" Holly's ears pricked up. "A gift perhaps?" she asked, eyes shining with enthusiasm. "Who for? What do you need?" She jumped to her feet, clapping excitedly as parcels tumbled about her feet. "Something rare and glittery? A treasure? Something really fancy smancy? Oh do say it's something fancy smancy, pleeease," she begged.
Noelle laughed, wrapping her cousin in a warm embrace. "Oh Holly, it is you who are the treasure," she cried. "I need a dress of morning dewdrops for Fe'arn. Do you think you can make one for me please?" Noelle asked.
For a moment Holly's eyes glazed over, her mind already miles away, no doubt writing up lists of materials and dreaming up designs.
"Of course! Fantastic. Morning dewdrops, how lovely. When do you need it by? Tomorrow night? Midday? I could have it done by midday?" She skipped to her worktable, clearing a space with a sweep of her arm.
"Tomorrow night would be lovely, Holly. Thank you." Noelle smiled. Seeing that Holly was already deep in thought, Noelle quietly left.
Outside, she drew out her wish scroll, ticked off Fe'arn's dress of dewdrops and then scanned down to the bottom of the almost blank page to the one remaining wish 'for Holly – a fancy smancy gift to make', and placed a neat tick beside it. There, she thought, all done for another year. Time for a cup of steaming dandelion mint tea and some of Echinacea's white Christmas nougat.

© 2003 - Sherri-Lee Lavender Green