One cold winter's day, Flitter told Noelle and Flutter that she was going on an adventure.
"No Flitter don't go" said Noelle, "Gandalf and his tribe of goblins are surely going to get you".
"Yes" echoed a tiny voice. It was Flutter. She had overheard their conversation.
During the night, while all were asleep, Flitter headed off. Meanwhile Gandalf's messenger was spying on Flitter. He raced back to tell Gandalf the news.
Back with Noelle and Flutter, they got woken up by Flitter and saw Flitter's bed empty. So they raced to tell Anyana that Flitter had disappeared.
Then Noelle said, "Flitter said she was going to have an adventure maybe she's gone to have it".
"That is possible" said Anyana.
So off they went to find Flitter. Flitter had already found a holly bush and decided to explore it. Just then Noelle, Anyana and Flutter had found the bush and then looked for Flitter. Finally they found her. They were so overjoyed that when they got home they held a party to celebrate Flitter coming home.

The End

Until Next Time